International exchange of information

International cooperation

The School actively carries out international exchanges and has established sister schools with many schools in Europe, Asia and the Americas. It not only provides students with a variety of overseas exchange clubs, but also welcomes students from overseas to exchange or study here. Foreign scholars are invited to give lectures from time to time to expand students' international horizons. At the same time, teachers are encouraged to go abroad to participate in academic seminars. Ensure that teachers and teaching materials keep up with the latest trends to maintain a high standard of teaching.

So far, the School has established sister schools with 10 universities in Europe (from France, Switzerland and Germany), 4 universities in the Americas (from the United States and Canada), and 11 universities in Asia (respectively from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Russia and Malaysia).


  1. If you want to participate in the exchange program/dual degree program, you must have the status of a student of Chung Cheng University (regardless of the semester you are applying for/going to the exchange program).
  2. Applicants go to sister schools to apply for visas, book air tickets, arrange transportation, find accommodation, etc., which are handled by students themselves (foreign schools may not necessarily take the initiative to arrange them).
  3. Exchange students who go to sister schools need to pay the tuition and fees of the school and complete the on-campus registration procedures, do not need to pay the sister school tuition fees and apply for the course selection of the school, please delete the compulsory elective courses replaced by the course selection system. In addition, at least one month before leaving the country, the male must go to the student security group to complete the formalities for the male service to go abroad.
  4. Due to the different administrative procedures of sister schools, transcripts may not be immediately available to students for credit recognition, and students who are about to graduate are advised to complete the required credits before going abroad to avoid delay.
  5. Please submit the experience report within two months after returning to Taiwan for the reference of the younger brothers and sisters going abroad.


Application Process :

  1. Please fill in the Exchange/Dual Degree Student Program Application Form and Parental Consent Form, together with other documents required for applying to sister schools, and send them to the Department Office in paper within the deadline announced on the HKSB's website. (Instructions for attachments, precautions for grade processing, notice of return to China, application form for credit recognition and experience of going abroad).
  2. The review time is two months after the deadline, which may be shortened depending on the situation, please be patient.
  3. The result of the review will be notified to the students by email, which also requires the student to reply whether to accept the nomination, and failure to reply within the time limit is deemed to be a waiver of qualifications, if you choose to accept, you cannot regret it, nor can you give up the nomination to choose the sister school provided by the International Office, so as not to cause dissatisfaction among the sister schools of the management school, and then affect the opportunity for the younger brothers and sisters to go abroad for exchange.
  4. After replying to accept the nomination, please go to the hospital office to retrieve the paper materials of the original application and scan them into electronic documents.
  5. The International Affairs Contractor of the Institute Office will compile the list of nominees to be accepted, and will formally send a letter to the sister school undertaker, and send a copy of the letter to the students; After receiving the copy, students can send their application materials (electronic documents) to the sister school sponsor and wait for the sister school to review.
  6. The sister school review time varies from one week to one and a half months, please be patient.
  7. After the sister school has completed the review, the result will be emailed to the students, and the electronic version and paper copy of the admission letter will be sent, and the students can use it to apply for a visa after receiving it.
  8. Please apply for your own visa, air ticket, and contact the organizer of the sister school about accommodation, course selection, etc.
  9. Both going abroad and returning to China need to fill in the attachment "Overseas Return Notice" and send it back to the teaching team of the school by email or fax within two weeks.
  10. For overseas exchange, please remember to take back the original transcript (paper) for credit recognition. After returning to China, fill in the application form for recognition of credits, send the two documents to the department office, and then the institute office, review and pass the examination and send it to the teaching team to complete the recognition.
  11. Within two months of returning from going abroad, submit the report to the international affairs manager of the management yuan, and the report will be made public on the Internet for the reference of the younger brothers and sisters going abroad.