Plan about cross-domain

Case study and internationalization project(個案教學與國際化計畫)

Project purpose

  1. Cultivate case teaching seed teachers.
  2. Regularly hold teaching observation of case teaching.
  3. Provide case teaching courses in EMBA and on-the-job special classes and master and doctoral classes of various departments.
  4. Became the promotion case teaching center in Jiayi and Tainan area.
  5. Through the Center, we have been able to enhance the academic exchanges with the School of Management of National Taiwan University, the School of Business of National Chengchi University, and institutions of higher learning in Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, and to make the cultivation of talents in the School of Management more practical and in line with international standards.


Financial database and analysis project(財經資料庫與分析計畫)

  "Financial database" is one of the key development points of business schools in universities, and it is an important resource for advanced research and the integration of theory and practice. Most of the teaching and research in finance, economics, business administration, accounting, and capital management require a large number of databases. However, the amount of database is huge. Therefore, if the university or college can consolidate and acquire the database, it can integrate resources and save expenses, and further provide rich, complete, diversified, and professional financial information for faculty and students to meet research needs and enhance teaching and research standards and student learning resources.

  If a database can be established to cover the trading information of stocks, bonds, and futures of major countries around the world, as well as financial statements, earnings forecasts, venture capital, and initial public offerings, and other related information, a complete collection of information on listed companies and stock price movements around the world will create an important feature and advantage in the teaching and research environment. In addition, the rich database can also support the research and investigation of related financial indicators.

Advancement of business ethics education project(商業倫理教學精進計畫)

  In line with the current trend of international business education and to enhance the quality of business ethics (including business ethics, financial ethics, accounting ethics, and information ethics) taught by the School of Management, the faculty of the School of Management is subsidized to engage in all activities related to enhancing the quality of business ethics teaching in order to meet the expectations of the Ministry of Education's University Accreditation and the International Accreditation of Business Management (AACSB) for business education.

Development plan for artificial intelligence applications and information security management, AIA&ISM(人工智慧應用與資訊安全管理發展計畫)

Vision of this featured project:

Develop the successful application of artificial intelligence in management, and the new direction of future management education of human-machine collaboration.

Deeply root information security knowledge in teachers and students, and apply it to manage individuals, enterprises and countries.

Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on personal, corporate and national information security.