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Manufacture-commerce integration research center(製商整合研究中心)

  In line with the government's future industrial automation policy, the implementation of forward-looking human resources training programs is now a key project of the National Human Resources Training Council. Among them, the ten-year industrial automation program (manufacturing automation, commercial automation, agricultural automation, and construction automation) will be completed by 2000. However, in the 21st century, the upgrading of industrial automation alone is no longer sufficient to cope with the changes of the future ten times faster environment. Both manufacturing and commercial industries will face the problems of information era, the variability of consumer demand, the demand of product speed, and the integration and rapid response of supply chain among various industries, types of industries, and business forms. Therefore, in order to continue the achievements of this ten-year plan, and to focus on our industry's goal of becoming a member of the global production and supply chain in the future, it is important to expand the depth and breadth of the core technologies and human resources training for the integration of the "manufacturing business" in order to develop the "global competitive characteristics of the manufacturing service industry" in our country.

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