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National Chung Cheng University College of Management is your home

  The College of Management of National Chung Cheng University (CCU) was established in 1989, and was one of the five colleges planned when the university was first established. The College of Management Building I is an H-shaped, six-floor red brick building with a floor area of approximately 5,886 pings, while the College of Management Building II is located in the Innovation Building. The College was first accredited by AACSB in April 2016 and will be re-accredited by AACSB in February 2021. The College has five departments, 16 graduate programs (including master's programs), five doctoral programs, one university-level research center, and eight faculty-level research centers. Over the years, we have established a systematic mechanism to nurture international business management professionals and innovative and entrepreneurial talents through professional courses and cross-disciplinary training, to enhance students' understanding of business management theory and application, and to empower them with the ability to change and innovate.


  In the face of the changes in the new economic environment, it is necessary to promote the development of cross-disciplinary research in management theory and practice, the cultivation of professional talents, the incubation of innovation and entrepreneurship, the cooperation between industry, government, academia and research, and international links, in order to make CCU College a first-class management school with special characteristics.

Educational Missions

  The College of Management at CCU is dedicated to creating and sharing expertise in management theory and practice in the new economic environment, cultivating students with integrity and innovation, and making a significant impact and contribution to the development of learners, communities, industries, and nations.

Implementation Strategies

  • The department has created a favorable R&D environment to develop cross-disciplinary research. For example, we are promoting a research center in the special area of "financial technology and digital governance", and expanding the influence of senior scholars and emphasizing the development of young scholars.
  • We advocate the cultivation of talents in management education, using function-oriented, problem-oriented, and topic-oriented approaches, implementing a quality assurance mechanism for teaching, and encouraging innovation in teaching and attention to corporate social responsibility issues.
  • To develop innovative entrepreneurship programs and optimize experimental areas to encourage and nurture new creative teams to meet the challenges of the future society.
  • Promote cooperation and international links between industry, government, academia, and research, integrate and share teaching and R&D results, and enhance communication between all directions.
  • With the Academy as the core, we integrate and effectively use resources to promote various development strategies and strengthen alumni ties and centripetal force.
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