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Strategy Plans

  • Practice and Interdisciplinary Research: Establish a research foundation that combines practice, promote interdisciplinary research, and enhance the social influence of research.
  • Practical learning: Advocate experiential learning, combine digital technology to improve teaching quality, and establish an international and pragmatic lifelong learning environment.
  • Ethics and Social Sustainability: Cultivate awareness of social sustainability and deeply root social empathy in business education.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Develop entrepreneurship courses in line with world trends, establish experimental fields to cultivate innovative thinking, and deepen leadership and management skills in innovative teaching.
  • Collaboration: Establish community connections inside and outside the school, strengthen cooperation with stakeholders, build cooperative teams to generate complementary benefits, and integrate management knowledge with the world through international exchanges.
  • Management with the hospital as the core: Promote the integration of resources with the institute as the core, and optimize the utilization efficiency at the same time.
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