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What is Learning Quality Assurance?

Assurance of Learning (AOL) is an important part of promoting AACSB accreditation, with the purpose of improving the teaching and learning quality of School of Management education. In terms of implementation, first determine the functional literacy (Competency, CP) of each school system according to the mission, and then select an appropriate number of corresponding courses from each school system, and the teacher develops an appropriate evaluation method to use the evaluation scale (Rubric ) to be scored, which is called direct measurement (Direct Measure). At the same time, an opinion survey is also conducted on external stakeholders (such as graduates, department friends and employers, etc.) as an indirect measure. Next, collect all course materials for data analysis. Finally, the curriculum committee conducts curriculum management (Curriculum Management) based on the results of direct and indirect evaluation data analysis. Completing all the above steps is called "Closing the Loop".

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