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  1. At the beginning of the semester, please ask the teacher to explain to the students the functional literacy (Competency) , the associated objectives (Objectives) , and the learning characteristics (traits) of the course ( please refer to the attached rubrics) .
  2. Teachers are requested to moderately include (embed) the functional literacy corresponding to each course in the course content.
  3. Please discuss with the implementation teachers of different courses of the same functional literacy (Competency) , and adopt appropriate and as similar as possible evaluation methods ( such as examinations, reports and other evaluation methods, etc. ) .
  4. AOL assessment conferences will be held in each semester to discuss issues related to AOL assessment and the latest developments. Teachers are kindly requested to take time to attend.
  5. One week before the end of the semester, please remind students to fill out the final questionnaire online ( the website of the questionnaire will be announced one month before the end of the semester ) .
  6. Within two weeks after the end of the semester, please ask the teacher to go online ( the website will be provided by the school office ) to fill in and submit the functional literacy evaluation form (Rubric) ( content includes learning performance evaluation, evaluation results description (assessment results) and suggested improvement actions (action plan) )
  7. Teachers are requested to keep copies of the test questions or reports used in the implementation of AOL courses ( provided according to your measurement tools ) , and provide 2 samples (sample products) according to each level of Excellent/good/poor ( 6 copies in total ) .

The office of college of management compiles the assessment results of the functional literacy reported by each course of the year before July of each academic year, and invites the same functional literacy teacher to assist in compiling the overall assessment result Assessment result and improvement action report Action plan , and the aggregated results are sent to the department courses The committee discusses the course management, and its resolution is handed over to the curriculum committee of the college for discussion to make the final course management decision.

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